Eye Care Leaders Share Contact Lens Wear-and-Care Tips In “EASY Does It” Video Series Reboot

Newest Contact Lens Institute Visionaries Voice Support for The EASY Way

Several prominent members of the U.S. and Canadian eye care community are voicing their support for The EASY Way, the Contact Lens Institute’s (CLI) initiative to help promote healthy, comfortable contact lens wear and care behaviors. CLI has rebooted its popular “EASY Does It” one-minute video series, in which optometrists, opticians, and staff describe one way their colleagues can better reach patients through conversations that take only seconds.

2024 CLI Visionaries including Monica Bhula, OD, Jenn Seymour Brusven, LDO, Janelle Davison, OD,  Scott Moscow, OD, Shalu Pal, OD, and Adam Ramsey, OD, are featured in new episodes, with additional segments planned throughout the coming weeks. All “EASY Does It” videos are available as a YouTube playlist at bit.ly/EASYDoesIt.

Now in its fourth year, The EASY Way (Eyes, Awareness, Safety and You) has been adopted by eye care practices across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. It includes simplified tips, attention-grabbing infographics, and companion digital resources for use in practices, presented in a memorable and straightforward way. All components are available for free download within The EASY Way resource page on ContactLensInstitute.org. At the center of the program are three easy steps:

  1. Think Clean. Wash and dry your hands every time before touching your lenses or eyes. If you wear reusable lenses, always clean and disinfect them with each removal, and clean your lens case as directed. Keep your lenses and case away from any type of water, which can contain harmful microorganisms.
  2. Remember Fresher is Better. Wear your contacts for only as long as your eye care professional says, replacing them with fresh lenses on schedule. Only wear daily disposable lenses once, and always rely on new solution for reusable lens disinfection and storage. Replace your lens case at least every three months.
  3. Trust Your Eye Doctor. Listen to your eye care professional, who has specialized training. If you have any questions, contact their office—they care about your health and great vision.

The rebooted “EASY Does It” video series is being promoted across CLI’s social media channels, CLI Visionaries’ personal and practice digital channels, and through CLI member companies Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson Vision.

The Contact Lens Institute advances the latest innovations in safe and effective contact lens and lens care products and services that provide unique benefits to patients while satisfying the evolving needs of eye care professionals. CLI undertakes activities that properly assess, enhance, promote and balance contact lens and lens care industry welfare and growth, including the safe use of products in the marketplace. Its members include Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson Vision. For more information, visit contactlensinstitute.org.

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