The See Tomorrow initiative explores consumer and eye care professional perspectives surrounding issues that can influence contact lens fitting and wear.

Twice a year, we conduct custom research to uncover these insights, then release highly anticipated industry reports to help eye care professionals build patient relationships and practice revenue.

An In-Depth Guide for Eye Care Practices to Enhance Contact Lens Culture

When it comes to creating a positive contact lens culture, what are the most impactful professional factors for the future? We dove in to learn more about contact lens culture in practices and uncovered both existing beliefs and opportunities to reconsider some common behaviors.

In collaboration with The Vision Council, we surveyed 173 members of the U.S. eye care community, asking a range of questions regarding beliefs and behaviors when it comes to cultivating contact lens enthusiasm among their colleagues and patients. Responses included perspectives from optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, and practice administrators.

“The Culture Calculation: Data-Backed Behaviors for Contact Lens Success” is the latest report in CLI’s “See Tomorrow” research series designed to help eye care practices enhance their contact lens cultures, in turn increasing patient satisfaction and practice business outcomes.

The 19-page, infographic-rich report blends new quantitative research with practical insights and recommendations from forward-thinking optometrists, opticians, and technicians. Its release was timed to the 2023 American Academy of Optometry annual meeting in New Orleans.

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Vision Expo West 2023: The Culture Calculation: Data-Backed Behaviors for Contact Lens Success

CLI and The Vision Council share a preview of what it takes to maintain a positive contact lens culture on the Innovation Stage at Vision Expo West 2023. 

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Past Reports

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